Music Drama, Opera, Oratorio, Narrator and Orchestra/piano/chamber ensemble

Thomas Jefferson; The Making of America

An Oratorio in 8 Parts:  soloists (violin, soprano, tenor, narrator and actor) and orchestra

Thomas Jefferson The Making of America


Thomas Jefferson Suite

for orchestra, chorus and soloists (soprano, tenor and actor)

Text: from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, his friends and colleagues

Music and Libretto: by J. Todd Frazier (b. 1969), with quotations from music popular in Jefferson’s time

The “Thomas Jefferson Suite” drawn from the Oratorio “Thomas Jefferson: The Making of America”, was commissioned by and is dedicated to the University of Virginia and premiered on October 6, 2017 on the lawn of the University in front of the Rotunda in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the laying of the first cornerstone by Thomas Jefferson.

1. Title Page

2. Text, Program Notes

3. We Hold These Truths

4. Jefferson and Liberty

5. Freedom of Thought

Live Recordings:

Renee Fleming and Seattle Symphony with intro:

We Hold These Truths Stand Alone (Soprano)

Renee Fleming and Seattle Symphony without intro:

We Hold These Truths Stand Alone (Soprano – No Intro)

Texas Music Festival Orchestra and John Weinel:

I. We Hold These Truths (Excerpt with Tenor)

Charlottesville Symphony and UVA Choir Directed by Michael Slon, Bill Barker as Thomas Jefferson and Soloists Janice Chandler-Eteme and Glenn Seven Allen:

We Hold These Truths

Freedom of Thought

VIDEO (from University of Virginia):

We Hold These Truths (Soloists, Orchestra, Chorus)

Excerpt Move. 5 (Jefferson and Liberty), Move. 7-8 (Freedom of Thought)



Breath of Life

10 singers and piano

Complete Score 2022, Act I and Act II

Breath of Life Master Score

Video of Premiere at Texas Tech University:

Video excerpts from a recent house concert –
Act I: mother of the donor and the priest as they first address donating the heart:
Act I: patient struggling with regrets (his daughters death) and recipient guilt:
Act II: while patient is in surgery, the donor heart doesn’t start, at the height of the tension,.. time stops and a “dream scene” emerges in front of the stage. This video is from the middle of that scene where the donor meets the Patient, she realizes what has happened, searches for her mother, they open up to and ultimately support each other:
Rehearsal photo from Texas Tech University (more photos at end of page):


Live Recording (Excerpt):

Breath of Life Excerpt (“Just a Girl”)


Symphony #2: Buffalo Altar; A Texas Symphony 

narrator and orchestra (or arrangement)


Buffalo Altar Cover

Buffalo Altar Text

Buffalo Altar (version for narrator and piano)

Buffalo Altar Score (version for narrator, piano and percussion)

Buffalo Altar Score (version for narrator, piano, vln, tp, perc)


Buffalo Altar with Orchestra

Buffalo Altar with Piano



Save the World: In Memoriam Richard Smalley

narrator and chamber orchestra

Title Page:

Title Page, Narration


In Memoriam; Final (ver 2)



The Pearl 

An Opera for 6 singers and orchestra



More Opera Photos:

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