Full or Chamber/String Orchestra with or without soloists

Brazos de Dios 

guitar and chamber orchestra or piano


Brazos De Dios Cover

Brazos de Dios Guitar and Piano

Brazos de Dios Orchestra Final

Recording (Marc Teicholz and the Houston Chamber Orchestra):


New Recording by Jay Kacherski, Guitar and Lina Morita, Piano 

CD/Liner Notes: Landscape_Booklet_Final

Recording: (dropbox link)



Summer Canvas 

string orchestra


I Pasquales

Summer Canvas #1 Final

II Hymn to Sibelius

Summer Canvas #2 Final

III Fugue

Summer Canvas #3 Final

Live Recording:


Hymn to Sibelius

Fuge (shortened version)


Youth Remembered for full orchestra (written for youth orchestra, but effective for any level)

Cover Page:

Youth Remembered


Youth Remembered – Score

Recording (midi):

Youth Remembered – 1:29:15, 4.20 PM


Our Reflection for Chorus and Full Orchestra (written for youth orchestra/choir, but effective for any level)


Our Reflection Score

Recording (midi):

Our Reflection Playback


Breath of Life 

2 string orchestras


Symphony #1: River of Life

full orchestra

Movements I, II, III, IV, V


Overture to “The Pearl” 

full orchestra


Summer Music (or “A Summer Winter”)

orchestra or chamber ensemble versions


Summer Music Final Chamber

Summer Music Final Orchestra


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