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New, or completed, in 2021:


Hymn for Strength

SATB and Piano (written for a combined healthcare employee choir and the Houston Chamber Choir and dedicated to caregivers)

Program Notes and Score: Hymn for Strength

Video: https://www.houstonchamberchoir.tv/packages/to-bring-comfort/videos/to-bring-comfort-virtual


Thomas Jefferson; The Making of America

An Oratorio in 8 Parts: Soloists (violin, soprano, tenor, narrator and actor) and Orchestra

Thomas Jefferson; The Making of America (Complete)


We Hold These Truths (for Solo Voice (tenor or soprano), Chorus, Violin and Piano)

Score: We Hold Chorus Voice Violin Piano – Score

Midi Recording: We Hold Chorus Voice Violin Piano Playback


a brief response to the aura of Ford Fry’s Restaurants:

Texas Guitar


Piece for Peace (1996/2021), inspired by a hymn, spiritual and folk song, coming together from different traditions; for Woodwind Quintet and Piano

Score: Piece for Peace

Recording (MIDI): Piece for Peace


Gloria (written 4/21), for organ and SATB choir

Score: Gloria (SATB:Organ) – Score

Recording (MIDI): Gloria


Hymn: Houston Methodist; Together We Are Strong

Score: Houston Methodist (w. intro)


Sharing the inclusion of one of my works in the Kennedy Center Washington National Opera Concert for Inauguration Day with Renee Fleming. Starts at 16:41 of this video: https://www.kennedy-center.org/video/digital-stage/opera/2021/nso-inauguration-concert/


An American Quintet (or) Summer Music (1994/2021)

for Woodwind Quintet


Summer Music score transposed

MIDI (computer) Recording:

Summer Music playback


Barry Corbin’s Interview in Texas Monthly, Buffalo Altar (c. 1/3 into article) 


Psalm 23 (written 1/21), a cappella SATB choir

Score: Psalm 23 – Score

Recording (MIDI): Psalm 23 playback


J. S. Bach Art of Fugue #14 Ending:


Art of the Fugue #14 ending

Midi Recording:

Art of the Fugue #14 ending organ playback


2020 and earlier / recent or selected projects


Complete Evensong Service and Sacred Choral Music Book

Sacred Music Part I, II

Complete Evensong Service

Sacred Music Evensong Service Part I

Sacred Choral Music Book

Sacred Music Part II


Recordings of 8 Sacred Choral Works. From new music readings sessions by the Composers’ Choir of New Haven , CT.

1. Amen III (a round in 4 parts for a cappella voices):

Recording: Amen-Round


Amen (Round) w. keyboard

2. Anthem: “I Was Glad” from Psalm 122 for choir and organ:

Recording: I Was Glad

Score: I Was Glad

3. Canticles I and II, a cappella choir, (Amen):

Recording: Canticles I and II

Score: Canticles

4. Kyrie II, two a cappella choirs:

Recording: Kyrie

Score: Kyrie

5. Little Lamb, Mighty Tyger, for choir, organ (or orchestra) and solo group:

Recording: Little Lamb, Mighty Tyger

Score: Little Lamb, Mighty Tyger

6. Nunc Dimittis, for choir, organ and soprano solo:

Recording: Nunc Dimittis

Score:Nunc Dimittis

7. The Lord’s Prayer, unison choir or solo and organ:

Recording: Our Father (Lord’s Prayer)

Score: Lords Prayer

8. Preces, a cappella choir:

Recording: Preces

Score: Preces

Renee Fleming, Todd Frazier

Program Nashville Fleming

The Arts | Renée Fleming surprises and delights, as always | Seattle Times Newspaper

Audio: We Hold These Truth (Live)

Charlottesville, VA at the premiere of the “University of Virginia Suite” on October 6, 2017, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the laying of the first cornerstone of the University of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson on October 6, 1817. An estimated 20,000 people attended the Bicentennial Launch Celebration on the lawn of the University in front of the Rotunda. Actor Bill Barker performed as Thomas Jefferson.

“University of Virginia Suite”, or “Thomas Jefferson Suite” for orchestra, chorus and soloists (soprano, tenor and actor)

Text: from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, his friends and colleagues

Music and Libretto: by J. Todd Frazier (b. 1969), with quotations from music popular in Jefferson’s time

Brawn from the Oratorio “Thomas Jefferson: The Making of America”, the “Thomas Jefferson Suite” was commissioned by and is dedicated to the University of Virginia in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the laying of the first cornerstone by Thomas Jefferson. Performed by the Charlottesville Symphony and UVA Choir Directed by Michael Slon, Bill Barker as Thomas Jefferson and Soloists Janice Chandler-Eteme and Glenn Seven Allen:

VIDEO (from University of Virginia):

We Hold These Truths (Soloists, Orchestra, Chorus)

Excerpt Move. 5 (Jefferson and Liberty), Move. 7-8 (Freedom of Thought)

Live Recording, I. “We Hold These Truths”: We Hold These Truths

Live Recording, III. “Freedom of Thought”: Freedom of Thought

“Breath of Life” Opera Premiere at Texas Tech September 17 and 18, 2015:

Breath of Life Poster JPEG 


Excerpt: Just a Girl

TMC News 2015 Article: http://www.tmcnews.org/2015/10/breath-of-life-opera-bridges-the-medical-and-arts-communities/?x=6

Complete Score, Act I and Act II

Breath of Life Complete Act I Act II

Video excerpts from a recent house concert –
Act I: mother of the donor and the priest as they first address donating the heart: 
Act I: patient struggling with regrets (his daughters death) and recipient guilt:
Act II: while patient is in surgery, the donor heart doesn’t start, at the height of the tension,.. time stops and a “dream scene” emerges in front of the stage. This video is from the middle of that scene where the donor meets the Patient, she realizes what has happened, searches for her mother, they open up to and ultimately support each other:

Audience at the Perini Ranch Performance supporting the Buffalo Gap Historic Village and Museum

Audio, Live Performance, Houston Ballet Orchestra, Barry Corbin, Actor, J. Todd Frazier Conductor: Buffalo Altar with Orchestra

L to R: Marc Sanders (Piano), Barry Corbin (Narrator), Todd Frazier (Composer), Steven Harrigan (Writer), ? (MC)

L to R: Marc Sanders (Piano), Barry Corbin (Narrator), Todd Frazier (Composer), Steven Harrigan (Writer)

Live Video, Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin, TX – Piano, Percussion and Narrator: 

Version for Piano and Narrator:

Buffalo Altar with Piano



Photo Caption: Dean of the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, Jamal Rossi presenting J. Todd Frazier, Composer and Director, Center for Performing Arts Medicine, Houston Methodist Hospital the Eastman School of Music Luminary Award, April 29, 2016.

University of Rochester

Eastman School of Music

The Eastman Luminary Award is given by the Eastman School of Music to individuals who have given “extraordinary service to music and the arts at the national and local levels.” The design of the Luminary Award is taken from the round window at the top of the staircase in the Eastman School’s Lowry Hall, seen by generations of students since the School opened in 1921.

Todd Frazier (BM ’92) is the epitome of an artist citizen. Throughout his career, he has embraced music’s power to heal, inspire, and celebrate key moments in American history. As a composer, he has written music performed by such artists as Renée Fleming. As an arts administrator, he founded the American Festival of the Arts, an organization that has enriched the lives of thousands of student musicians for over two decades. And now, as the director of Houston Methodist Hospital’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine, he is forging new paths that integrate arts and medicine. As a member of Eastman’s National Council, he contributes to and guides the vision of this internationally preeminent school of music.

Todd has made extraordinary contributions to the musical and educational life of Houston. Nationally, he continues to champion efforts to build bridges between the medical and artistic communities. Through his work at CPAM, Todd has collected data that scientifically proves what many of us feel: adding music to our lives, particularly where we might not expect it, can have a profound positive impact.

Todd’s current work is based on the notion that with creative thinking, seemingly different fields can influence each other and lead to innovation. As he says, “There is an element to science that is artistic in its balance, an element that doctors or researchers can’t learn in the classroom.” The Eastman School of Music is proud to honor Todd Frazier’s dedication to music, to creative thinking, and to scientific innovation by presenting him with the Eastman Luminary Award.

Jamal J. Rossi
Joan and Martin Messinger Dean of the Eastman School of Music