Scores/Recordings: Music Drama: Opera, Oratorio, Narrator and Orchestra (or piano / chamber ensemble)

Breath of Life

10 singers and piano or chamber ensemble

Video of Premiere at Texas Tech University:

Act I


Breath of Life Cover Page

Breath of Life I-I

Breath of Life I-II

Breath of Life I-III

Breath of Life I-IV

Breath of Life I-V

Breath of Life I-VI

Breath of Life I-VII

Act II


Breath of Life II-I

Breath of Life II-II

Breath of Life II-III

Breath of Life II-IV

Breath of Life II-V

Breath of Life II-VI

Breath of Life II-VII

Live Recording (Excerpt):

Breath of Life Excerpt



Thomas Jefferson; The Making of America

Oratorio: soloists (violin, soprano, tenor, narrator and actor) and orchestra

Part I


Jefferson Script Directions Part 1

Title Page Jefferson

I We Hold these Truths Page 1

I We Hold These Truths

II Title Page

II Time Wastes Too Fast

II End Page

III Head and Heart

IV Title Page

IV Behold Me

V Title Page

V Jefferson and Liberty


Live Recordings:

We Hold These Truths Stand Alone (Soprano)

I. We Hold These Truths (Excerpt with Tenor)


Symphony #2: Buffalo Altar; A Texas Symphony 

narrator and orchestra (or arrangement)


Buffalo Altar Cover

Buffalo Altar Text

Buffalo Altar Score (version for narrator, piano and percussion)

Buffalo Altar Score (version for piano, vln, tp, perc)


Buffalo Altar with Orchestra

Buffalo Altar with Piano



Save the World: In Memoriam Richard Smalley

narrator and chamber orchestra

Title Page:

Title Page, Narration


In Memoriam; Final (ver 2)



The Pearl 

An Opera for 6 singers and orchestra


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